Does Dollar General Give You A Uniform?

Can you have tattoos at Dollar General?

Yes you are allowed to have piercings and tattoos..

Can you wear nails at Dollar General?

Yes you can have your nails done.

How much does a stocker make at Dollar General?

The typical Dollar General Stocker makes $8 per hour. Stocker hourly pay at Dollar General can range from $5 – $13. This estimate is based upon 11 Dollar General Stocker salary report(s) provided by employees or estimated based upon statistical methods.

Can Dollar General employees wear shorts?

As long as the clothes are black. Also, you can wear black shorts as long as you wear suntan pantyhose underneath your shorts.

What do you wear to a Dollar General interview?

Properly fitting attire allows potential hires to look professional. Examples of outfit ideas are slacks, skirts, dresses, a button up shirt, or a nice top. Business casual is a better option over formal wear for a Dollar General interview. Clean shoes and a hygienic appearance set a good example.

What is the dollar general uniform?

Uniform shirt and black pants.

Does Dollar General pay weekly or biweekly?

At Dollar General, employees get paid biweekly.

Is it hard working at Dollar General?

Was very hard on my hands.. This job was a lot of fun and very hard at times because of all the stocking we did. Working in dollar general helped me with my customer service and people skills. The hardest part of my job was trying to help an upset customer who was already at their breaking point with the company.

Do Dollar General employees get a discount?

Yes, dg employees get 20% on dollar general products every week! We do however get free things like red bull, core water, kool aid jello, anything they feel like giving us in the coupons. Also we get sometimes 30% off dg products and sometimes 10% off your purchase on ANYTHING in the store.

Can you wear hats at Dollar General?

No they can not. You’re not technically supposed to but the management was pretty lax about hats.

Do you get paid every week at Dollar General?

DG pays weekly. You will get you deposit on the Money Network card roughly between 9pm and 11:59pm on Thursday, though your first check is held for a week and you are able to get paid as soon as Wednesday if you get direct deposit into your bank account.

Is it easy to get a job at Dollar General?

When applying for a job at dollar general stores, you’ll realize that it’s quite a simple and straight forward process, and it will take you an approximate 30-40 minutes to apply for one job.

What are Dollar General paid holidays?

The holidays are Thanksgiving, Christmas and July 4th.

What does Dollar General pay per hour?

Average Dollar General Cashier hourly pay in the United States is approximately $8.66, which is 23% below the national average.

Can you have colored hair working at Dollar General?

Yes Dollar General allows you have colored hair.