How Do I Choose An Electric Lawn Mower?

What should I look for when buying a lawn mower?

What to Consider Before You BuyLawn Mowers.Push vs.


Yard size.

Consider the size of your yard to find the perfect walk-behind mower.

Washout port.

You should clean the underside of your mower after each cut.

Electric start.

Folding handle.

Upright storage.

Uniform wheels.More items…•.

What should I look for when buying an electric lawn mower?

If you’re ready to upgrade to a new lawn mower but aren’t sure you want a traditional gas-powered model, consider going electric….Key Shopping ConsiderationsSwath width. … Battery power. … Side (or rear) discharge or mulching. … Cutting height. … Cordless vs.

How long will an electric lawn mower last?

10 yearsThe lifetime of an electric mower can last up to 10 years, while the lifetime of its battery is about 5 years. Using an electric mower can be useful when it comes to cost and efficiency. Not only that, but electric mowers are easier to clean, fix, and operate.

Do electric mowers work well?

If you have a smaller lawn, less than 8,000 square feet, an electric mower may be a better choice than a gas-powered one. Electric mowers are quiet, lightweight, inexpensive to run, emit no pollutants and are generally reliable. They start with the flip of a switch.

Who makes the best cordless electric lawn mower?

Best Overall: RYOBI 20-Inch 40V Battery Lawn Mower. … Best Self-Propelled: Snapper XD. … Best Fast-Charging: Kobalt 21-Inch 80-Volt Cordless Electric Lawn Mower. … Best Riding: RYOBI 38-Inch Electric Riding Lawn Mower. … Best Robotic: WORX WR150 Landroid L 20V Power Share Robotic Lawn Mower.More items…•

Are electric lawn mowers safe?

There are 5 main safety concerns when it comes to using an electric lawn mower. The first concern is the risk of fire or explosive batteries. Second, is cuts or amputation from contact with the rotating blade. Third is electrocution by cutting an extension cord while mowing.

What is the best electric lawn mower to buy?

Best electric lawn mower overall: EGO Power+ 20-Inch Cordless Lawn Mower. Best electric mulching lawn mower: DeWalt 20-Inch 20V Cordless Lawn Mower. Best budget electric lawn mower: Greenworks 20-Inch 12-Amp Corded Lawn Mower. Best electric riding lawn mower: Ryobi 38-Inch Battery Electric Rear Engine Riding Lawn Mower.

Which is the best cordless electric lawn mower?

The best cordless lawnmowers, in orderGreenworks GD60LM46SP. … Kärcher LMO 18-36. … Gtech Cordless Lawnmower 2.0. … Cobra MX3440V. … Greenworks G40LM35. … FlyMo Mighti Mo 300Li. … Bosch CityMower 18-300. A great little lightweight cordless mower for small lawns. … Ego LM1701E-SP. Another excellent self-propelled model for larger gardens.More items…•

Can I hose down my electric lawn mower?

When cleaning an electric mower do not use a hose or a pressure washer. Water can get inside the motors and cause corrosion. Use a lubricant like WD-40 on the wheels. Most wheels are made of plastic, but the axle is metal and the bracket inside the wheel is also metal.

What is the best cordless electric mower?

The Best Cordless Lawn MowerEarthwise 20-Inch Cordless Lawn Mower. … BLACK+DECKER 16-Inch 40 Volt Cordless Lawn Mower. … Snapper XD Cordless Lawn Mower. … Sun Joe Brushless Motor Cordless Lawn Mower. … Ryobi Brushless Cordless Lawn Mower. … Worx 14-Inch 40 Volt Cordless Lawn Mower. … DEWALT 2 x 20 Volt Battery Cordless Lawn Mower.More items…•

Can you leave an electric lawn mower outside?

You can store your mower outside in winter, but it isn’t ideal. If you must store your lawn mower long-term in your yard, make sure it is elevated, so that it doesn’t sit directly on the ground. This will allow air to circulate in order to keep it more dry.

Are cordless electric lawn mowers any good?

“Today, the best battery-powered push mowers cut as well as comparable gas versions,” says David Trezza, who oversees CR’s lawn mower testing. In our lawn mower ratings, we recommend several battery push mowers that do their job very capably.

Do electric lawn mowers need oil?

Unlike petrol lawn mowers, electric lawn mowers don’t require oil or petrol to function. Engines, on the other hand, require fuel for power and oil for lubrication. While your electric lawn mower may require occasional lubrication, the oil used is different and far easier to use than the one used for gas engines.

What is better electric lawn mower or gas?

Gas mowers are better for large lawns. With a corded electric mower, you won’t run out of power, but you’re restricted by the length of the extension cord (50 to 100 feet), so electric mowers are better for small yards under 1,500 square feet.

Is it safe to cut wet grass with electric mower?

Using an electric lawn mower on wet grass—especially with an extension cord—runs the risk of electric shock. When the connections (not to mention any wiring just beneath worn or damaged portions of the cord) are exposed to moisture, that could mean damage to the machine and an electrocution to its operator.

Do electric lawn mowers work as well as gas?

Electric mowers are good for the environment because they don’t create greenhouse gas emissions, like their gas-guzzling counterparts. In the long-term, you will likely find that an electric lawn mower is actually cheaper than a gas lawn mower. … Finally, electric mowers simply aren’t as powerful as gas mowers.

Do electric lawn mowers use a lot of electricity?

A typical pushed electric mower requires about 3.5 kilowatts to recharge, and with an electriciy rate of about $0.11 per kilowatt hour, that’s about $0.38 per recharge.

Are battery mowers worth it?

On average, battery mowers cost about $50 more than their gas-powered counterparts. … Gas mowers are more durable; they simply last longer. In terms of engine life, a gas mower will run for 10 years or more, while a battery-powered mower will need to be replaced after about five years, on average.

How much does a electric lawn mower cost?

Best Electric Lawn Mowers in 2020ProductFeatures / BenefitsPrice / ROI21-Inch, 40-Volt Mower by Greenworks Tools21-inch blade Two 40-volt, 2.5Ah 70-minute cut time 2-hour charge time$33020-Inch 40-Volt by Earthwise20-inch blade 40-volt, 4Ah 50-minute cut time 2-hour charge time$290-$3002 more rows

Are electric lawn mowers worth it?

Electric mowers on the hand are easy to fix in most cases, unless you need a battery or engine, in which case you’re likely best off just buying a machine. All in all, electric mowers are worth it for those who live in suburban areas with small lawns, or just those who need to mow less than ¼ of an acre of land.

Which is better corded or cordless lawn mower?

Run Time. Corded mowers are powered from an electric outlet through an extension cord, so they have unlimited run time. … Cordless mowers typically run for 60 to 90 minutes, after which you have to recharge them overnight. Cordless mowers are best suited to smaller lawns that can be mowed in less than an hour.

Do electric lawn mowers need maintenance?

While a cordless or corded electric lawn mower may require less maintenance, it still needs some care if you want it to operate well and have a long life. To accomplish this, you may need to change your lawn mower blades or recharge your machine.

Do electric mowers work as well as gas?

Performance & the Environment Electric mowers are famous for being environmentally-friendly. And while they are definitely friendlier than gas mowers, the lithium-ion batteries that power many models are still bad for the environment. Finally, electric mowers cannot match the power and performance of gas mowers.

Are electric mowers powerful enough?

Electric mowers are cheaper than gas mowers and are usually powerful enough to tackle most lawns. If you have long, thick grass, or try to cut grass when it’s wet, this can overtax a low power electric mower, so choose your mower wisely to meet your needs.