Is Personal Capital Good?

Is Personal Capital legitimate?

Personal Capital is our best robo-advisor for portfolio management.

Personal Capital has made it clear that the firm does not want to be thought of as a robo-advisor.

It’s a digital asset management service that includes access to financial planners..

Is personal capital worth the fee?

Personal Capital has a real advantage over traditional human investment advisors, who charge anywhere from 1% to 1.5% to manage your portfolio. If you’re looking for a similar service level, but you don’t want to pay those high fees, Personal Capital is definitely the way to go.

What are personal capital fees?

Personal Capital fees Personal Capital has a tiered structure when it comes to its annual management fees. Accounts with at least $10 million have the lowest annual fee at 0.49%, while accounts between $100,000 and $1 million carry the highest fee, at 0.89% annually.

What does personal capital mean?

Noun. personal capital (usually uncountable, plural personal capitals) (finance) Financial resources or other wealth belonging to a particular person, especially when used for investment purposes. (idiomatic) Good reputation, credibility, or influence.

Can personal capital be hacked?

In fact, when you log into your Personal Capital, you never have to enter your bank credentials so it never gets transmitted. If your computer is compromised by malware or a keylogger, your financial accounts are secure.

Which is better personal capital or mint?

Personal Capital is better equipped to help you analyze and adjust your investment strategy. … MoneyPatrol will give you a more complete picture of your investments than Mint. But If you are looking for help managing your investments, then Personal Capital is the clear winner.

Does personal capital sell your data?

We do not sell or allow your information to be used for any purpose other than to market our own products and services. We also never share sensitive financial information, such as account numbers, detailed account balances or transaction history, with our marketing partners.

How does personal capital make money?

Unlike most personal finance management programs that make money by advertising or recommending products, Personal Capital’s business model is based upon selling investment advisory services to a small percentage of users.

Is Personalcapital free?

Signing up is free The robo-advisor does offer a paid version that includes personalized advice and wealth management. However, you don’t have to pay to belong to Personal Capital or access their free tools. … For accounts up to $1 million, you pay a flat, all-inclusive annual management fee of 0.89%.

What is better than Quicken?

Best Quicken Alternatives By FeatureOverall Recommended Alternative: Personal Capital.Investment Tracking Alternative: Betterment.Budgeting Alternative: YNAB.Bill Paying Alternative: Moneydance.Retirement Planning Alternative: Pocketsmith.Import/ Export transactions Alternative: Countabout.More items…

Is personal capital cloud based?

Luckily, programs like, Personal Capital, and other cloud-based personal finance websites offer exactly that — a 100% automated, 360-degree, holistic view of your financial picture.