Question: Can Roberts Radios Be Repaired?

Can you get Roberts Radio recovered?

Roberts Radio Recovering Service – Revive Your Revival – have it professionally recovered in fab fabrics including Oilcloth and Harris Tweed..

How do I reset my Roberts radio?

System resetPress and hold down the Info button for 2 seconds.Rotate the Tuning control until the display shows “Factory reset”, then press and release the Tuning control.If you wish to perform the reset operation, press and release the Tuning. control one more time. … After a system reset a scan of the DAB band will be performed.

How do I replace my Roberts radio aerial?

The easiest way to fit it is to remove the grub screw at the knuckle joint then do the same on the new one. Remove your broken aerial then insert the new one and replace the grub screw. Hey Presto! Your radio will receive all your stations again.

How long is Roberts Radio warranty?

24 months6.1 All goods supplied by us are warranted free from defects for the period stated on the product packaging (which in the case of most of our products is 24 months with exception of graded products which have a 12 month warranty ) from the date of purchase.