Question: Is Mercury A Heavier Element Than Tin?

How many electrons do the following have gold?

79NameGoldNumber of Protons79Number of Neutrons118Number of Electrons79Melting Point1064.43° C9 more rows.

Which is the most active metal?

RubidiumThese metals are found in the group I A and II A of the periodic table. As all the given options belong to the same group and the activity increases down the group. So Rubidium is the most active metal.

What are the symbols for the two transition metals?

The first main transition series begins with either scandium (symbol Sc, atomic number 21) or titanium (symbol Ti, atomic number 22) and ends with zinc (symbol Zn, atomic number 30). The second series includes the elements yttrium (symbol Y, atomic number 39) to cadmium (symbol Cd, atomic number 48).

Where is the most active nonmetals located?

Editor! The most active nonmetals belong to the halogen family, which sits to the left of the noble gases on the right side of the periodic table. The halogens are so reactive that they are never found in nature by themselves.

Which element is an alkali metal from Period 4 Group of answer choices?

Potassium. Potassium (K) is an alkali metal, placed under sodium and over rubidium, and is the first element of period 4. It is one of the most reactive elements in the periodic table, therefore usually only found in compounds.

Does Mercury have more protons electrons than tin?

Checking them on the periodic table, Hg has atomic number 80 and tin has 50. Atomic number is number of protons which is also equal to the number of electrons in a neutral atom. Hence mercury has more protons and electrons.

Does potassium have more electrons than neon?

Does potassium have more electrons than neon? yes 8.

What is the atomic mass of mercury?

200.59 uMercury/Atomic mass

Does gold have more protons than Mercury?

Usually gold is created from platinum, which has one less proton than gold, or from mercury, which has one more proton than gold.

Where are the most active metals located?

The elements toward the bottom left corner of the periodic table are the metals that are the most active in the sense of being the most reactive. Lithium, sodium, and potassium all react with water, for example.

What group has the most active metals?

Group 1: Hydrogen and Alkali Metals It is the most common element in the universe. All the other elements in group 1 are alkali metals. They are the most reactive of all metals, and along with the elements in group 17, the most reactive elements.

What is the atomic symbol for silver?