Question: What Type Of Word Is Blasted?

What means Blaster?

a : one whose work is shattering or demolishing something (such as rock) with an explosive device or agent Demolition companies that level buildings with explosive charges—and so are called blasters—have been letting the team plant transmitters in the ill-fated structures …—.

What is a fancy word for party?

What is another word for party?get-togetherfunctionreceptioncelebrationdogatheringat-homebashfestivitysocial222 more rows

What does Clast mean?

a fragment of rock: a fragment of rock.

What is a better word than fun?


Are you having a blast?

To have a very fun or exciting time (doing something).

How do I wish a birthday blast?

May you have a wonderful year, I wish you a very Happy Birthday. Enjoy and have a blast. Wishing you all the happiness in the world on your Birthday. You are a wonderful person.

What does blasted mean in slang?

1 : damaged by or as if by an explosive, lightning, wind, or supernatural force upon this blasted heath— William Shakespeare a blasted apple tree. 2 : damned, detestable this blasted weather. 3 slang : intoxicated from drugs or alcohol.

What is a fancy word for exciting?

adj.inspiring, exhilarating.

Is blast a verb?

blast verb (EXPLODE) to explode or destroy something or someone with explosives, or to break through or hit something with a similar, very strong force: A tunnel was supposed to have been blasted through the mountains.

What does the idiom have a blast?

So those are our phrases for today; “have the time of your life,” meaning to have a wonderful experience that’s very enjoyable, “have a blast” which also means to have fun, have an enjoyable experience, and “have a good time,” which you can use to hope or wish that somebody will have a good time or experience as they …

What does the phrase a blast from the past mean?

phrase. You can use a blast from the past as a light-hearted way of referring to something such as an old song or fashion that you hear or notice again, and which reminds you of an earlier time. [informal]

What is Damm?

Damm. (archaic and original) a small, essentially worthless coin from India. I don’t give a damm.

What type of word is blasting?

verb (used without object) to shoot: He whipped out his revolver and started blasting.

Is blasted a swear word?

Blasted – A swear word used in conjunction with another word, similar in usage to “damned” (e.g. “Blasted Dragon Reborn”). Light – Used when astonished (e.g. “Light help us”) or an exclamation (e.g. “Light!”).

What are synonyms for have a blast?

What is another word for have a blast?go bonkerscut loosego bananasgo nutshave funlet looselose one’s marbles