Quick Answer: How Can I Listen To Smooth Country?

What happened to smooth radio?

The refresh has happened following the purchase of GMG Radio by Global Radio, owners of Classic FM, Capital FM, Gold, Heart and Xfm.

This means that the national feed of Smooth Radio on national digital radio will close, with AM frequencies currently broadcasting Gold switching to Smooth Radio..

What channel is smooth radio on?

You can listen to Smooth Radio via your TV by the following channels: On Sky Digital channel 0128. On Virgin TV channel 916. Freesat 732.

Who owns Smooth FM?

NOVA EntertainmentSmooth 91.5 (call sign: 3PTV) is a commercial radio station based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. The station is owned by NOVA Entertainment along with her sister station, Nova 100, and currently plays easy listening songs from the late-1950s/early-1960s to the present with a 55+ year span.

How do I listen to Smooth FM?

Other ways to listen to Smooth Radio:Smooth Radio on DAB Radio.Smooth Radio on FM or AM.Smooth Radio on mobile app.Smooth Radio on smart speakers and devices.Smooth Radio on TV.

Is smooth country on DAB?

Smooth Country is the station for you, playing Just Great Country all day long. Smooth Country is available on DAB in London, Manchester and across the south of England. It is also available on Global Player on all platforms.

What is the frequency for Kiss?

Kiss 105-108Frequency105.6 MHz FM (Cambridge) 106.1 MHz FM (Norwich) 106.4 MHz FM (Ipswich & Colchester) 107.7 MHz FM (Peterborough)BrandingKISSProgrammingFormatDance / hip hop / R&BOwnership9 more rows

What frequency is smooth FM Brisbane?

91.5 MHzStationsCallsignFrequencyBranding3PTV91.5 MHz FMsmoothfm 91.5N/ADAB+smoothfm BrisbaneN/ADAB+smoothfm AdelaideN/ADAB+smoothfm Perth1 more row

What are the FM radio frequencies?

Throughout the world, the FM broadcast band falls within the VHF part of the radio spectrum. Usually 87.5 to 108.0 MHz is used, or some portion thereof, with few exceptions: In the former Soviet republics, and some former Eastern Bloc countries, the older 65.8–74 MHz band is also used.

Why do smooth radio play the same songs?

So to ensure people hear their favourite pop hit anytime they might be tuning in, stations play the odds and keep repeating it throughout the day, regardless of how many times they’ve already played it. It’s simply part of the radio business model.

Is Smooth Radio app free?

With the new Smooth Radio App powered by Global Player we’ve made it easier than ever to listen to Your Relaxing Music Mix. … So, whatever you’re into – the latest hits, classic tracks, music for chilling out or even topical debate – Global’s got you covered. And best of all, it’s completely free and available worldwide.

What channel is smooth Scotland?

Other platformsRadioFeeds UK & IrelandListen live: SSLRadioplayer UKGet the appFM105.2 MHz

What frequency is Classic FM?

Classic FM (UK)Broadcast areaUnited KingdomFrequencyFM: 99.9–101.9 MHz DAB: 11D (England/Wales/N. Ireland) 12A (Scotland) Geary’s Island Freeview: 731 Freesat: 721 Sky: 0106 Virgin Media: 922SloganThe World’s Greatest MusicProgrammingLanguage(s)English9 more rows

Is there a country radio station in UK?

Country Hits Radio is the UK’s first national pop country music station. With a playlist catered to modern country music-lovers aged 25-44, the station plays artists including Keith Urban, Thomas Rhett, Carrie Underwood, The Shires, Lady Antebellum and Florida Georgia Line.

What station is Chris country?

We’re on air 24 hours a day, and it’s the first time that London has had a permanent country station in almost 15 years! If you’re listening in the car, and your radio lists digital stations by Multiplex, we’re on the one called “London 2”.

What type of music does smooth radio play?

Smooth Radio brings you a ‘relaxing music mix’. The songs we play are the best from the past five decades. You can now listen to us across the country on FM and AM, on Digital Radio, online via smoothradio.com or on our mobile apps. It’s a station with an upbeat character, generous spirit and a warm personality.

What radio station is smooth country?

Smooth RadioBroadcast areaUnited KingdomFrequencyFM 97 MHz-108 MHz AM 603 kHz-1557 kHz DAB Sky: 0128 Virgin Media: 916 Freeview: 718 Freesat: 732SloganYour Relaxing Music MixProgrammingFormatAdult contemporary9 more rows

What is the least used FM frequency?

The lowest and almost-unused channel, channel 200, extends from 87.8 MHz to 88.0 MHz; thus its center frequency is 87.9 MHz.

What frequency is GOLD FM?

Listen to Gold FM on FMFM100.0 MHzFM100.2 MHzFM100.4 MHzFM100.6 MHz

What frequency is smooth Scotland?

105.2 MHzSmooth ScotlandFrequency105.2 MHzSloganYour Relaxing Music MixProgrammingFormatAdult ContemporaryOwnership5 more rows

Where is Smooth FM located?

This station broadcasts from its studios in Leicester Square, London to the Greater London area using Croydon transmitting station. The station was formerly named Jazz FM. On 7 June 2005 it was aired for the first time as 102.2 Smooth FM.

Which is better AM or FM?

AM has poorer sound quality compared with FM, but is cheaper and can be transmitted over long distances. It has a lower bandwidth so it can have more stations available in any frequency range. FM is less prone to interference than AM. However, FM signals are impacted by physical barriers.