Quick Answer: How Many Times Can U Click?

What is the most clicks in 5 seconds?

The world record for highest clicks in 5 seconds is 15.4 CPS..

How much times can u click?

The data suggest that Allerd click the mouse 1,051 times in 10 seconds. In 2010, Tom Andre Seppola from Norway held the world record for the maximum number of clicks in thirty seconds.

How many times can you click in 10 seconds?

Do you know the world record for most clicks in 10 seconds? It’s 14.2 CPS. Challenge yourself to beat it.

How many clicks can you do in a second?

The click per second is initiated the same way as the other modes of the play like – clicks in 5 seconds, or 10 seconds or 60 seconds, but in the 1-second game the players have to be on their toes and start hitting the mouse at one breath. On average, most players would easily score between 8-10 clicks per second.

How fast can the average person click?

8-10 clicks per secondOn average, most players would easily score between 8-10 clicks per second.

What is jitter clicking?

Jitter clicking is a technique that allows gamers to click the mouse quickly than regular clicking. The method is commonly leveraged for games that require a quick burst of clicks over a short period.

What is the most clicks in 10 seconds?

Tom Andre Seppola clicked three mouse buttons a total of 402 times in 10 seconds. He used the website www.pacraig.com/click to document the feat. (This record was also performed for 30 seconds in which he clicked 1,045 times, averaging 348 clicks per 10 seconds.)

How many times can u click in 1 minute?

Do you know the world record for most clicks per minute? It’s 9.7 CPS.

Is jitter clicking dangerous?

It can damage your wrist, long term able to put you in the hospital. Jitter clicking though, has the movement coming from your arm and elbow, it can’t give you carpal tunnel but can injure you within a long, keep in mind LONG time and it won’t be your wrist or carpal tunnel syndrome.

How far is a click?

But among members of the military, the term “klick” is a standard measure of walked distances. If a soldier radios “We’re 10 klicks south of your position,” that means they are 10 kilometers away, or 6.2 miles away.

What is the average CPS?

6-7 cpsAverage is 6-7 cps. So no you’re not “above average”.

What is the fastest CPS?

22The world record for the CPS test is 22, according to the Clickspeedtest.info website with latest updates.