Quick Answer: What Does Sheer Weight Mean?

Whats the opposite of sheer?

Antonyms: incomplete, gradual, thick, impure, uncomplete.

Synonyms: rank(a), transparent, sheer(a), absolute, cobwebby, vapourous, plain, diaphanous, right-down, see-through, vaporous, gossamer, filmy, bluff, bold, unmingled, gauze-like, unmixed, downright, gauzy, out-and-out(a).

What does sheer joy mean?

uncountable noun. Joy is a feeling of great happiness. COBUILD Advanced English Dictionary.

What does sheer size mean?

adjective. Learner’s definition of SHEER. 1. always used before a noun — used to emphasize the large amount, size, or degree of something. The sheer amount of work was staggering.

What does sheer mean?

1a : unqualified, utter sheer folly sheer ignorance. b : being free from an adulterant : pure, unmixed. c : viewed or acting in dissociation from all else in terms of sheer numbers. 2 : marked by great and continuous steepness. 3 : of very thin or transparent texture : diaphanous.

What does sheer determination mean?

used to emphasize how very great, important, or powerful a quality or feeling is; nothing except: The suggestion is sheer nonsense. His success was due to sheer willpower/determination. It was sheer coincidence that we met.

Does sheer mean thin?

adjective, sheer·er, sheer·est. transparently thin; diaphanous, as some fabrics: sheer silk. unmixed with anything else: We drilled a hundred feet through sheer rock.

What is a synonym for sheer?

adjective. 1’he whistled at the sheer audacity of the plan’ SYNONYMS. utter, complete, absolute, total, pure, perfect, downright, out-and-out, thorough, thoroughgoing, through and through, consummate, patent, surpassing, veritable, unqualified, unmitigated, unalloyed, unadulterated, unmixed. stark, rank.

What does sheer happiness mean?

(noun) a feeling or state of well- being and contentment.

What is sheer number?

Sheer number of: You are emphasizing the large number of buffaloes. However we almost always use “the sheer number of…” Another example: The sheer number of birds coming my way was enough to scare me! … Here you could also use, “the large number of.

What is the difference between sheer and shear?

Shear and sheer sound alike, but their meanings are different. Shear is used as a verb meaning to cut or clip hair or wool. … Sheer may be an adjective, adverb or a verb. When it is an adjective, it means very thin and transparent, or it means steep.

How do you use the word sheer?

The verb “sheer” means to turn suddenly or deviate from a course (as in “sheer away from oncoming traffic”). As an adjective, “sheer” means fine or transparent, pure or complete (as in “a sheer silk dress”). The adjective “sheer” can also mean very steep or almost straight up and down (as in “a sheer drop”).

What does sheer clothing mean?

See-through clothing is any garment of clothing made with lace, mesh or sheer fabric that allows the wearer’s body or undergarments to be seen through its fabric. … A sheer fabric is a thin cloth which is semi-transparent. These include chiffon, georgette, and gauze.

What does sheer mean in a sentence?

You can use sheer to emphasize that a state or situation is complete and does not involve or is not mixed with anything else. [emphasis] His music is sheer delight. Sheer chance quite often plays an important part in sparking off an idea. Synonyms: total, complete, absolute, utter More Synonyms of sheer.